This incredible opportunity with multi-billion-dollar potential, services an overlooked class of clients built on cash flow and monthly cycles.



Today, there’s an unstoppable investment opportunity bursting at the seams in Mexico, that several attempts from major institutions have failed to capitalize on—the unbanked.


According to the World Bank, there are currently 2 billion adults around the world without access to formal financial services or banks.

For service providers, governments, and retailers, this demographic has been increasingly frustrating. They’re out there in massive numbers, requiring many different services, but have yet to be streamlined.

qpagocarrusel3finalWithout banks, cards, or e-transfers, these customers must conduct all their transactions with cash. These cash-only transactions require significant resources, from cashiers to armoured-car security.

As banks and governments have tried unsuccessfully to incentivize these unbanked adults, new solutions involving cash-to-digital methods such as e-wallets, or peer-to-peer transfers on smart phones have arisen.

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U.S.-based QPAGOS delivers state-of-the-art digital payment services to consumers and service providers in Mexico where 60% of the adult population does not have a bank account and where 80% of personal payments are made in cash. It operates a network of self service kiosks and applications that provides more convenient payment alternatives for consumers and more efficient billing for service providers.


QPAGOS (OTC: QPAG) is a rising star in the payment processing gateway industry with a robust processing platform. Through the steady rollout of their easy-to-use bill payment kiosks and software, they’re looking to capitalize on the unbanked alternative market.

Their main target: Mexico

d6sdieghc2or2hokc6rwAlready having integrated nearly 200 dealers and service providers, QPAGOS is targeting this massive Latin American market, with majority of its adults living without banking services, and a cultural proclivity to pay for everything in cash.

It’s no secret in the e-commerce world that Latin America is ripe for a technological boost

Romain Seguin, President, Americas Region for UPS (NYSE: UPS) told Fortune Magazine last year:

“If you look at Latin America, there are many, many consumers that do not have a credit line. If you figure out that unbanked consumer, I think you have an advantage.”

qpagos33Since rolling out its line of exclusive line of electronic kiosks across centres in Mexico, QPAGOS has already seen its advantage grow. With a 139% YOY growth from 2015 to 2016, and on pace for another doubling or more, QPAGOS is definitely seizing an advantage.

And unlike several of the multibillion-dollar financial institutions and credit lenders, QPAGOS still presents a major investment opportunity with plenty of upside for those looking to capitalize on the unbanked revolution.

Key Investment Highlights

th (1)Through two branches of the business, QPAGOS has rolled out just under 1000 machines across Mexico since launching in 2014.

Revenues have more than doubled each year, and this year is on pace to repeat that and more.

While there’s significant growth with every machine, there is also major incentives for the company to integrate more and more providers, thus encouraging customers to complete more transactions at each kiosk.

QPAGOS34So far, QPAGOS has integrated nearly 200 service providers into their system, with plans to expand into other areas, including ticket sales for buses, live events, and more.

The value proposition is very easy to service providers to digest. With each kiosk they’re included on, the provider’s collections footprint is extended.

And the kiosks are neither seen as competition for the banks who already do a lot of the payment processing for the same providers.

On the contrary…

Banks are also customers of QPAGOS, with the potential to roll out and install kiosks in thousands of the country’s most popular banks themselves, reducing the strain on each branch’s tellers, and freeing up the bank’s primary financial services resources.

qpagos-kioskGovernments and Municipalities are also embracing the QPAGOS solution, as they too feel the strain from the logistics of handling a mostly unbanked culture.

There are approximately 50,000 municipalities spread across Mexico. Most of them do not accept cash when issuing documents such as birth and death certificates, drivers licenses, etc.

It’s just not safe to do so, and would put a strain on the infrastructure.

Instead, they rely on the banks to handle those payments for them, and force customers to then wait in two lines: first the bank, then the municipality itself.

By integrating their payments into the QPAGOS system, governments in Mexico can become more efficient, and reduce the time it takes for their constituents to go about their business.

QPAGOS is about convenience, and the company’s strategy involves bringing bill payment to the customer.

qpagocarrusel3finalThe company has already begun rolling out kiosks into major metro stations as well, serving commuters an option to make payments while already en route to their destinations.

While QPAGOS has neared the 1000-kiosk mark, which is a major feat given the short life that the company has already had, there’s still massive growth potential ahead.

Investors looking to capitalize on unbanked consumers have a rare opportunity with QPAGOS and its targeted demographics in Mexico.


qpagos_maquinasJames W. Fuller, who under the Reagan administration served as member of the Board of Directors of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), has been appointed to the Qpagos board of directors. Mr. Fuller is a past Chairman of the Board of Pacific Research Institute, a public Think Tank in San Francisco and a member of the Board of The International Institute of Education. He is also a member of the Pacific Council for International Policy and past member of the Committee of Foreign Relations. Additionally, Mr. Fuller was the Senior Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from 1976 to 1981, where he was responsible for corporate development, marketing, corporate listing and regulation oversight, research and public affairs and served for 12 years on the Board of Trustees of the University of California – Santa Cruz.

“Jim brings a wealth of experience to Qpagos and we look forward to his contribution to the governance of our company and helping us extend our market leadership in consumer electronic payments in the region,” commented CEO Gaston Pereira. “Our strategic vision is to expand into other markets as we continue to consolidate our Mexico presence.”

Metro passengers, in addition to topping up their mobile phones in an expedient and secure manner, will now also be able to make multiple payments in Qpagos’ kiosks, including bill payments for utilities, municipal payments to the City of Mexico and other States, and several others payments such as CableTV subscriptions.

“Our expansion into the vast Metro System is something we have been anticipating with enthusiasm as we are eager to bring payment services closer to the consumer and allow them to make their service payments in the locations they visit most frequently, commented CEO Gaston Pereira. The plan is to expand into the other stations as we continue to secure these permits from the STC.”

QPAGOS34AMIGA, with over 54 nationwide branches, through a 3rd party leasing company, completed today the order of 30 additional QPAGOS kiosks for a total of 88 self-service kiosks being deployed across their network. AMIGA customers no longer have to wait in line to make their weekly loan amortizations, and they can also make payments at the kiosks for over 150 service providers in QPAGOS payments platform.
On a visit to a QPAGOS kiosk AMIGA customers can also recharge their mobile phones, pay their electric, water, gas and telephone bills, as well as pay state and municipal services, and purchase movie tickets and many more services.

Additionally, through a new QPAGOS mobile application, AMIGA agents can also accept payments for AMIGA loans at the homes or businesses of AMIGA customers through a tablet or mobile phone device, as well as accept payments to the same portfolio of services available in the kiosk and issue the corresponding printed receipt to the client.

“We believe QPAGOS self-service solutions are ideal to help us grow our customer base, as well as expand the geographic coverage for the benefit of our current and future customers,” said Juan Carlos Duarte Osorio, Director General of MF AMIGA.

qpagocarrusel2_0Added Gastón Pereira, CEO and President of QPAGOS: “MF AMIGA is a market leader in the adoption of technology to improve its range of services and the satisfaction of their customers, and thus differentiate themselves in the market place. The integration of AMIGA payments in QPAGOS platform not only benefits each of their branches, but should also allow AMIGA to expand their national coverage as their payments will be extended to the more than 700 kiosks serviced by QPAGOS across the country. This basically allows AMIGA to compete in a much larger market.”

MF AMIGA, is an emerging non-bank regulated financial entity (SOFOM) whose objective is to offer financial services to low income people without access to commercial banks, allowing them to support their customers with loans that helps them grow their entrepreneurial initiatives.

“The market acceptance of QPAGOS kiosk services by bank customers as demonstrated by transaction volume has exceeded our and our partner’s expectations,” commented CEO Gaston Pereira. “The plan now is to improve the customer experience with change making functions and, upon success, expand to a commercial scale installation.”



qpagos-kioskQPAGOS robust Self-service Kiosk, with its intuitive touch screen, allow users to make bill payment and pay for services and products from over 150 service providers. Solidly built and with the most advanced peripherals, such as bill and coin acceptor, printer, and Bar code/NFC/RFI readers among several. Service providers can now extend their collection footprint to any is location that has web connectivity, either through LAN, Wi-Fi or mobile data networks. Retailers and bank branches can now shift bill and financial payments from tellers to QPAGOS Kiosks reducing.


qpagos-adA 2nd screen adds a new communications channel through which the distributor can communicate promotions, new product launches, and any other public message. It also allows for the sale of publicity spots creating thus a new revenue stream. The transactional screen also allows brands to communicate messages and promotions while the user transacts.


qpagos-pcFor those retailers that prefer to accept payments at the cashier, QPAGOS WinTerm is ideal. Also, through alliances this application can also include a point of sale application for inventory, sales and store management. PC, QPAGOS Movil, Android or Java versions, enables representatives to accept payments through a  tablet or smart phone of the same services in QPAGOS platform or unique services of an institution, for example a loan payment in case of a financial institution. Coupled with a Bluetooth printer the rep can print a receipt with each transaction.

Mobile Cashier, Android Java

qpagos-pcMonedero QPAGOS, an electronic wallet which completes QPAGOS mobile ecosystem, is the ideal solution for users that prefer to transact through a mobile device, or from their homes or offices through a PC.

Monedero QPAGOS accumulated electronic cash through QPAGOS Kiosk Monedero top ups or transfer from another Monedero, and allows users to make payments from multiple QPAGOS devices, either a QPAGOS Kiosk, Android or IOS mobile devices, or online through the Web.


qpagos-xmlFor integrators and large retail chains or financial institutions, QPAGOS offers its “wholesale” solution, an integrated application with very attractive margins. Through a simple web service connection QPAGOS portfolio is within reach of all chains and branch networks.


qpagos-posFor those retailers that prefer a simple POS devise, QPAGOS offers a fixed or mobile version, with or without printer.

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