LOS ANGELES, April 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ Endonovo Therapeutics, Inc. (OTCQB: ENDV) (“Endonovo” or the “Company”), a biotechnology company developing non-invasive, bio-electromagnetic products with anti-inflammatory properties designed to promote regeneration in damaged tissue and organs in animals and humans, today announced  its intention to begin pre-clinical testing of its electroceutical technology to treat and reverse acute and chronic inflammatory liver pathologies. This includes the conditions that cause nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and human cirrhotic liver disease.

The American Liver Foundation estimates that up to 30% of the U.S. population is affected by non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases, including NASH and other obesity related liver ailments.

NASH is liver inflammation and cellular damage caused by a buildup of fat in the liver.  NASH occurs in people who drink little or no alcohol, especially people who are middle-aged and overweight or obese. Approximately 20% of NASH cases result in scarring of the liver and cirrhosis if untreated, with the most acute cases often requiring liver transplantation. There are no approved therapies for the treatment of NASH and there are few pharmaceutical therapies nearing approval over the next several years.

Alan Collier, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Endonovo Therapeutic, commented, “We believe Endonovo’s proprietary electroceutical technology holds great promise for the treatment of inflammatory conditions of hepatic origin, furthermore addressing NASH and human cirrhotic liver disease with a non-invasive and safe medical device.

“Significant, traditionally pharmaceutically-driven companies are now pivoting towards non-invasive electrotherapies.  As the overall market gains a greater understanding of the physics of biology, the opportunity to develop effective therapies that act at the biophysical level improves.  Endonovo is at the forefront of that opportunity and we foresee the day where virtually untreatable conditions, such as human cirrhotic liver and many other organ diseases, may be treated in such a fashion,” concluded Mr. Collier.

Dr. Leonard Makowka, Endovono’s Chief Medical Officer, added, “The fact that all biochemical activity is conducted on an electrochemical infrastructure means that using electromagnetic technologies allows us to ‘get behind’ the biochemistry, thereby avoiding many of the problems with pharmacological therapies and act at the source of the pathology.  For a century we have taken for granted that electromagnetic technologies, like MRI and CAT, are universally applicable and reliable. At Endonovo, we are simply taking this concept — the fundamental and universal validity and reliability of accessing biology at the electromagnetic level — into the therapeutic realm.

“More specifically, we are focusing on areas with critical unmet clinical needs, which include everything from acute inflammatory hepatic injury to end stage fibrotic liver disease.  A non-invasive and safe therapeutic that can effectively address these acute and chronic irreversible and terminal conditions will be a life saver for millions of patients. This is where the promise and potential of the electroceutical technology lies,” concluded Dr. Makowka.

About Endonovo Therapeutics

Endonovo Therapeutics, Inc. is a publicly traded biotechnology company developing off the-shelf, cell-free regenerative products and non-invasive, bioelectronic therapies designed to extend and enhance the human life by regenerating tissues and organs that have become injured or damaged due to disease and age. The Company is developing therapies for various inflammatory, autoimmune and degenerative diseases utilizing their bio-electromagnetic platform.